When I first came across VIP Body Guards I was extremely impressed with how discrete and professional they were.
I used one of VIP’s body guards for 7 days and found my personal body guard to be aware, insightful, professional and well mannered.

He also organised my schedule for my down time and planned everything out including locations I wanted to visit, transportation and dinning venues all included (this was important as I had to attend some very large dinner parties and my agent certainly looked the part and was exceptionally dressed and professional), he was clear and precise with what I needed to do encase of an emergency and I felt at ease , comfortable and most importantly very safe with my VIP Body Guard.

I will not hesitate in using VIP Body Guards when I come back to Australia as I travel to and from many countries and will certainly be pre booking my Body Guard ahead of my trips back to Australia.

“Thanks and I look forward to working with you again”


Private for security purposes, Famous American female Celebrity

My name is Jasmine and I hired VIP Body guards to attend my child’s 3rd birthday party at a well known public park that provides under cover and BBQ facilities.

(last year my husband and I had a really bad experience when it came to claiming a BBQ and under cover area with another family it ended up quite serious and my husband and 2 other men from the other group trying to claim they had the undercover area first. It ended up with the police being called and a fight broke out between my husband and the other men “It was a nightmare and my child’s party was ruined and it caused such fear this time around we wanted to be sure it did not happen again.)

Our body guard’s were very professional, we hired 2 VIP Body Guards and we felt very safe and comfortable, they informed us of how they would handle the situation if anything was to occur and made everyone from my family relaxed and secure.

We almost did not know they were there except for the visual presence and half hourly verbal checks, we constantly were able to see them doing the work and they very much blended into the day discreetly with no one aware of there presence except for us.

I would recommend any family that has had a bad experience to use VIP Body Guards to protect there family and day to day events next year we will be using them again.

Kind regards

Jasmine mother of 2

Jasmine mother of 2, Mother